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If you are one of the many readers of A Series of Unfortunate Events, it probably isn't likely that you have searched for more information on the Baudelaire case as well as the awful author. If however you insist on depressing yourself by reading about both of them, you might dispise this website slightly less that most other people. Don't click Mr. Snicket's picture to sign my guestbook or count olaf's picture to view it. I apoligize for the unorderly names of the links above, freeservers does not allow me to name those links. I am an unproud user of vfdcc.

What Has Happened on this Dispicable Website This Time?!

8/15 All I have done is create this pathetic website.

8/17 Added the gruesome guestbook.

10/5 Added new link.

11/9 Updated ask violet and added link.

11/11 Updated ask Violet

12/26 Updated ask Violet

1/4/03 Added a new award and web award application.

1/26/03 Added a new link, "Secret Organizations you Should Know About".

2/16/03 Updated Ask Violet, and Klaus's Words.

3/9/03 Updated Ask Violet, Added a link, and Updated Secret Organizations you should know about.

4/30/03 Updated and closed Ask Violet, posted winner of Count Olaf contest.

6/22/03 WOAH!!! Huge update! Ok, changed Klaus's words to Ask Klaus. Updated Daily Puncillio and Secret Organizations you should know about, added a new link, and changed the contest. I think that's all but I might have done some other stuff.

The Daily Puncillio (all the news in fits of print)
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